Anyone who has ever used a tractor, or similar piece of equipment, has probably ran into situations where the wish they had more weight on the tractor to create more traction when working in less than ideal conditions.  This could be on snow or ice, muddy land, or on hillsides to lower your center of gravity and make your tractor more much stable and safe.

Add Traction universal wheel weight adapters allow you to add the weight directly to your drive wheels where you need it most.  This will lower the center of gravity of your tractor making it safer while driving on hills and slopes.  The additional weight right on your drive wheels will also create more friction which turns into more traction for your piece of equipment!  With the weight directly mounted to the wheel your tractor’s, or other piece of equipment’s, suspension is not under stress because of this additional load.  The weights can spin freely on our adapter so there is no additional strain on your equipment’s transmission or axle.  You can also quickly and easily add or remove weight when you need to counterbalance.

Common Applications Include:

Tractors, Garden Tractors, Riding Mowers, Commercial Mowers – zero turn and walk behind,  ATV’s, UTV’s, Golf Carts, Gators, and more.  This product can benefit anything that could use a lower center of gravity or more down pressure on the drive wheels.  The AMA model is often used on attachments, implements, aerators, and similar pieces of equipment.


  • Push more snow, gravel, dirt, etc. with more weight on your garden tractor
  • Counter balance the weight on your tractor
  • Less tire spinning!
  • Safety on slopes

 What it comes with:

The AMA model are sold as single units.  All models for wheels come in pairs.  Along with your mounting bracket for your particular model the package will include 2 posts for the weights to slide on to and all of the necessary hardware to bolt everything together.  We also include lynch pins to retain the weights.


What is does not come with:

The weights to slide on the post.  Maybe you have these lying around.  If you don’t, great places to look include craigslist, garage sales, used sporting goods stores, flea markets, etc.   You can also purchase these new.

Olympic size weights will require an adapter if you want the weights to fit snug on the post (These can be found by clicking here for under $10 shipped to your door).